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A double seam forming apparatus for applying end units to can bodies includes a can seamer ( 12 ) with a seaming cam ( 46 ). Seaming cam ( 46 ) includes a high dwell portion ( 56 ) which deforms responsive to force encounterred by tooling during forming of a can seam. A reinforcing pin ( 72 ) limits deformation of the high dwell portion to prevent damage.

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The can sealer interlocks the outer end of the lid with the top part of the can body. This process is called double seaming. The double seam creates a strong mechanical joint to seal the product inside the can. In addition to the mechanical interlocking, a …

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Apr 02, 2008· This course is designed to train participants to a level of expertise to enable double seam appreciation. The course covers double seam terminology, construction, etc; basic tooling design (chucks, rollers, etc); end and body construction, (factors affecting the double seam formation); first operation seam formation; visual faults; can micrometer reading (where …

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The process of attaching a can end to a can body is called Double Seaming. The Double Seam is a metal to metal seal formed by mechanically interlocking five layers of metal together, 3 layers from the end & 2 layers from the body. The integrity of a seamed can is most vulnerable at the Double Seam and preventing leakage is imperative.

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1904- The Sanitary Can Co. was founded. They produced double-seamed open top cans. Continental Can Co. (C.C.Co) was founded. 1906- Plus or minus two years, the upright flat tobacco can was marketed. 1908- American Can Co. absorbed the four sanitary can companies. 1911- Most California can manufacturers were producing sanitary cans.

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An apparatus for monitoring the quality of a double seam used in can manufacture, or can filling, to seam a can end ( 2 ) onto a can body ( 1 ). The apparatus uses a device ( 41 ) for measuring the strain/force applied by the lifter cam ( 10 ) so as to provide information such as first operation seam quality, gross seam defects and machine condition.

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Apr 27, 2017· 2. Can with likely loss of hermetic seal and normally a leaker due to the mislocked side seam. 2. 3. An opening below the double seam or plate fracture. 4. Plate fracture in double seam or can body. 5. Severe double seam dent plate fracture. 6. Puncture in can body. Pinholes in can body plate also cause loss of hermetic seal. 7.

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To obtain safe canned foods with extended shelf‐life, the closed cans have to be hermetic. The consistency and ... Technical note – effects of seaming conditions on external and internal double‐seam characteristics in round metal cans - Birkeland - 2005 - Packaging Technology and Science - Wiley Online Library

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Can sealers that do double seaming (such as nitrogen gas flushing vacuum seamers) come into contact with the can. Double seaming is the process of connecting the can's lid to its body. Non-Contact Can Sealing Operation. Contrastingly, induction cap sealers do …

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produced therein by reation of the metal with the content of the can. 6. FALSE SEAM – A significant defect in the double seam in which the cober and body hooks are not overlapped or engaged. (Photo 9). Defect is not always detectable by simple external examination, i.e., a complete can tear down inspection may be necessary to reveal the false ...

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The smith then heats the metal so that both the iron and steel are molten on the surface. This was evidently quite an art, as the metals had different melting temperatures. The smith closes the seam by hammering it deftly, and the molten metals join. For a two-edged sword, the process is then repeated on the other side.

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The tin can has played a significant role in American history and can play a significant role in archaeology. Beginning with the food can, the author traces devel opments in canning and can-manufacturing, and briefly discusses can shape and labelling. The narrative con tinues with the beer can, the center of can-manufactur ing innovation after ...

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Jul 11, 2016· Ams machine company begins manufacturing locked double seam cans. 1898: George W. Cobb preserving company finally perfects the sanitary can. Sanitary ends take two more years before they are adopted for food canning in Europe. 1899: Inventors Helbling and Pertsch patented aerosols pressurized using methyl and ethyl chloride as propellants. 1901

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Mar 05, 2020· I need help in setting up my process CPk. I analyse a double seam cans and data taken using a software KUHNKE is been used to set-up my CPK which gives negative value after inputing my USL,LSL AND AVERAGE.Kindly advise me on how best to get my CPK with the data( eight seaming heads,generating different data on a particular machine)

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This double seam can be a metal to metal or metal to composite joint formed by mechanically interlocking five layers; three from the can end and two from the can body. These layers are compressed and ironed tightly to form the seal. Can integrity is most vulnerable at the double seam, and preventing leakage is critical.

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IntroductionThe can seam obtained. double seam (Fig. 2). consist of five thickness of plate inteilocked or folded-and pressed firmly During the last years, the authors have been involved in together, a thin layer ofsealing the analvsis. design. and im~lementation of machine vision solutions for quality control in communications andThe parameters used to assess the …

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Commercial plants use computerized seam projectors. Quality By Vision is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of Quality and Process Control systems for the canning industry and its suppliers. Their SEAMetal HD double seam vision system provides an unprecedented look at the double seam.

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Nov 22, 2018· Double seam saw pipe is having a two weld seam opposite to each other. Both the welding seams welded from the internal and external of the steel pipe. In the case of heavy thickness steel pipe, multiple pass welding done. 5. Pre-welding. Joint the seam of shaped straight welded pipe. And use gas shielded welding (MAG) for continuous welding. 6.

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SAW- Submerged Arc Welding (Long seam & Spiral Seam) SAW Pipe Manufacturing Process In SAW welding process, external filler metals (wire electrodes) are used to join the formed plates. SAW pipes can have a single longitudinal seam of double


the overlap and seam tightness are assessed applying can manufacturing guidelines. Any droop assessed as having 25% or less optical overlap will be classified as a serious double seam defect. Any droop assessed as having 25% to 50% optical overlap will be classified as a minor double seam defect.

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Enhanced efficiency of double seam process, because . ... Design and Implementation of intelligent manufacturing systems: From expert systems, neural networks, to fuzzy logic (Prentice Hall, 1995)

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Oct 07, 2013· Double seam interchangeability. In the first of a series of articles from Rexam, Paul McNaughton, Quality & CTS Director for Rexam across Europe & AMEA, looks at the importance of interchangeability. Creating a good quality seam is essential to ensuring beverages are delivered to the consumer in the best possible condition.

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Jul 15, 2009· VSM 5 measures double seams of cans by using auto SEAMview software. The software is installed on a micro-laptop connected to the company's VSI-5000 series imagers. VSM 5 uses a high-resolution camera, pre-configured auto SEAMview Software for automatic double seam measurement, and a Windows XP-equipped micro-laptop with an 8.5-inch monitor.

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Worn Lower Chuck Plate grooves on can manufacturing seamer. Replace the Lower Chuck Plates. Excessive lift pressure during the filling process. Check the Filler lift pressure. The can flange is damaged during can handling through the system. Check the can handling equipment to insure that there is a smooth transfer of cans in all areas.

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In CMB Engineering's Seamer Tooling division, we understand the demands placed on tooling during the seaming process. We work with customers around the world to improve their double seam quality through our advanced equipment, which is engineered to reduce wear to profiles and bearings while minimising maintenance and lubrication. Learn more

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Cans: All Shapes and Sizes. Cans are the most recycled package and the best choice for your product. Hundreds of different products come in cans. Our members make cans in all shapes and sizes to suit all of your packaging needs. Search our member product directory to find the right can for your product.

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Sep 11, 2018· Once the can is seamed, measure the can seam width and height to confirm that you are within seam specifications. This process should be performed according to your companies established Quality Control (QC) procedures and should be based on the volume of cans that you close per shift, or when changing from one can size to another.

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Under 21 CFR 113.60 (a,1,i,c) add the following: pressure ridge for plastic cans with double-seamed ends; impression around complete inside periphery of can body in …

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CUT-2 Can Double Seam Cutting Saw Machine: is used to cut the double seam of the sample can transversely, so that the instrument can inspect the structure of the cans double seam. 5. STR-10 Double Seam Stripper for Inspection : can automatically open the double seam of the can in a few seconds to evaluate the internal structure.

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During the manufacturing process of a can, seam defects may occur and result in. a false seam or an improper seam. Such seams are hazardous in that a good hermetic. seal may not have been formed or the seal may rupture under stress. a. Lipper. A lipper or droop of the end seam is the most common seam defect.

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Jan 17, 2019· (A) Severe double seam dent plate fracture (B) Torn flange. Photos from A Pocket Guide of Can Defect. Causes and prevention: Most of these defects were caused by mistakes in the seaming process ...

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A double seam is a canning process for sealing a tin can by mechanically interlocking the can body and a can end (or lid). Originally, the can end was soldered or welded onto the can body after the can was filled. However, this introduced a variety of issues, such as foreign contaminants (including lead and other harmful heavy metals).

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Feb 04, 2006· The double seam, keystone of the can's integrity, continues to present challenges to canmakers and their customers alike. John Nutting reports from last month's World Seaming Conference Far from being a rigid and inert feature of the metal can, its double seam is almost a living and breathing entity.